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We get it: nobody wants to think about “it.” But “it” comes to us all. So why not discuss end-of-life plans in the place where you are most comfortable – wherever that is.

That’s one of the differences between us and a “traditional” law firm: we’re fully online, charge flat fees, and we make estate planning about as easy as ordering a pizza. So, whether you want to draft a will while wading in the ocean, make bequests from your bed, or direct your end-of-life care from a comfy recliner, we make the process as simple as filling out a guided form. 

You’ll then review of the documents with an attorney licensed in your state, giving you the expertise and peace of mind legal document websites can’t match.

Elements of A Plan


Your 'Last Will & Testament' is a basic document that outlines your wishes with regards providing for your family members and the distribution of your assets after you pass away.

Living Trusts

A form of estate plan that puts your assets in a revocable trust - essentially holding them for you and those that would benefit from your will - to avoid lengthy probate court procedures after your death.

Special Needs & Spendtrift Trusts

A trust that provides for those who cannot manage their own finances, for whatever reason, while maintaining eligibility for federal and state benefits.


Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) divide retirement accounts, typically post-divorce.

Gun Trusts

Putting your firearms in a trust ensures that they will pass to someone who is legally able to own them after you're gone, plus trusts may be exempt from certain firearm restrictions.

Healthcare POA

Outlining your healthcare wishes in advance will save your loved ones from the agony or guilt that comes with such decisions.

Attorneys & Staff

William "willie" peacock, Esq.

Willie is an attorney licensed to practice in California since 2011. He has since added admissions in Missouri, New York, New Jersey, and Iowa, with Kansas and North Dakota pending.

He was born and raised in Missouri, went to high school and college in California, and returned there after attending the prestigious Washington and Lee University, School of Law in Lexington, Virginia. He relocated to New York and relaunched his law firm in 2018, focusing exclusively on retirement – estate planning and division of retirement accounts through qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).

He has written for Thomson Reuters, Clio, and California Lawyer, and his writings have been cited by the American Bar Association, Above the Law, and other leading legal publications.

He is currently rated a perfect 10.0 by, and more importantly, has a perfect 5-star rating from his past clients on all major review sites.

Dr. Clarisse Melinda San Juan-Peacock

The multi-talented Clarisse is not only an M.D. taking a year off of residency, but she is skilled in graphic design, programming, plays the piano and violin, and keeps Willie sane. She is proof that behind every great man is an even greater woman. She’ll be helping out at the firm until she resumes her residency in the summer of 2019.


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I am happy to endorse William -- he is smart, tenacious, trustworthy, and very personable. You can count on William to listen to your concerns, give you honest advice, and to stand up for you when it matters most.
Andrew Chow
General practice attorney
Me and a business partner working at a car dealership had questions regarding business practices inside our company. WIlliam was able to clarify to us the legal processes and possible repercussion of past practices. We work in the car industry which even today has some rather relaxed rules and regulations regarding good practices. It was good to have him review said practices to avoid legal trouble down the line. He was quick and responsive to our questions and seemed to genuinely care for his customers. I would strongly recommend him for his quick turn around time and great and professional follow up.
Former Client
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